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As we delve further into manifesting Arlo 2.0, earn more contracts, and scale up, we aim to continue growing while still maintaining our standards of excellence. Arlo prioritizes breaking down silos, integrating employees into our organization. An important part of our company culture is the emphasis we place on creating an enjoyable work environment. Below, you will discover content to help you learn more about Arlo and our recruitment and onboarding process.

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Onboarding Process

Welcome to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Cybersecurity and Privacy Enterprise Solutions and Services (CyPrESS) Project. The website contains a high-level background of our program and administrative information to get you started. Please contact the Arlo team if you have any questions. We are excited about your interest in joining the team!


NASA CyPrESS is a large contract with multiple support locations at NASA facilities across the United States. As a partner on this project, Arlo will support the following objectives:

  • Policy Management. Arlo will support NASA’s cybersecurity, privacy, and CUI policy management activities, which includes, but is not limited to, cultivating relationships and interfacing with various Government officials and partners to promote the advancement of new policies and guidance.
  • Privacy Management. Protecting all of NASA’s sensitive information is a high priority. This task supports the NASA Agency Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) and the Center Privacy Managers (CPM).
  • Vulnerability Management. The requirements for this task relate to the program-level strategies, frameworks, processes, standards, and solutions for managing cybersecurity vulnerabilities to specific information system and OT system components (Tier 3), including hardware, software, operating systems, etc.
  • Identify, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Engineering. The ICAM function manages identities, credentials, physical access, and logical access in an integrated enterprise environment, thus enabling NASA to ensure that individuals have the access they need to further the NASA mission without putting Agency assets at risk.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Detection (M&D) and Triage. The M&D and Triage service is provided by the NASA SOC. This task covers all of NASA’s unclassified networks and IT assets, including mission, corporate and OT.
  • Cyber Hygiene Management. This task includes activities that enable NASA to maintain a continuous understanding of the cybersecurity posture of Agency networks, systems, applications, processes, and personnel. These services are performed by enterprise service providers and, in some cases, by Center and mission organizations

Arlo will partner with Accenture Federal Services to support NASA in the execution of the CyPrESS project.





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