Risk Management initiatives are forging new cybersecurity frontiers, requiring stronger resilience in people, processes, and technology along with new, risk-based business strategies. Data and technology are exploding throughout corporate networks and threat actors are using increasingly sophisticated methods to exploit the chaos. To adapt, you need to continually monitor and manage security and privacy risk in tune with business needs.

Throwing new tools at a problem is not the answer. We must focus on the people and the processes as well.


Arlo’s team of passionate subject matter experts will work alongside your current experts to assess and develop processes while your team maintains current operations. We will also develop a strategy to ensure a seamless transition to the new, optimized system. Our GRC approach hinges on four distinct elements: maturity roadmap, risk assessment, cloud security, and program development.

Arlo has a defined a proven process to first complete an assessment of your cybersecurity program and develop a maturity roadmap.  We summarize our recommendations for improvement, including suggestions for prioritization based on expected benefits, risk reductions and emerging best practices.  Arlo evaluates the risk and reward of large spending initiatives and recommends appropriate changes to staffing, controls automation and management processes.  Our maturity roadmaps are both time-bound and actionable.
Assess your security controls and cybersecurity program against industry frameworks such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-37 rev2 and industry best business practices in order to plan initiatives to better align security capabilities, controls and manage risk.  We will engage the organization to include the CISO, program offices, Security Operation Center (SOC) and training office to both understand the organization’s risk appetite and assess the cybersecurity program against established and emerging frameworks.

We not only assess the program and operational tools, but we also assess the organization’s GRC tools (e.g. eMASS, CSAM, XACTA) to better understand how you are using them to facilitate making risk-based decisions versus using them as a document repository.  Arlo does not own any tools and is not in the business of selling them.  Our assessments are non-biased and our team can work with the vendor of your choice to update current tools or provide feedback on tool replacement.  The proper use of GRC and operational cybersecurity tools are imperative to a successful cybersecurity program.

As DoD and the federal government transition to cloud infrastructure, platforms and services to remain competitive, the need for innovation in the way we assess and authorize is imperative to this digital transformation. Organizations must keep in mind that the apparent simplicity of adopting the cloud adds complexity through growing sets of data streams, applications, and services to manage.

Cloud service providers are not accustomed to the compliance and security requirements levied on them from the DoD. Traditional risk assessors and authorizing officials, though highly skilled, have not historically operated in this environment.  Arlo breaks down the complexities of assessing & authorizing applications, platforms and infrastructures in the cloud and collaborates between the assessing and authorizing teams, the program office, and the vendors responsible for baking security in as well as communicating their solutions compliance to the DoD.

A well-defined GRC program can help ensure that the organization is meeting its cybersecurity objectives.  Organizational complexity, evolving risks and regulatory requirements have driven the necessity for organizations to develop GRC programs.

Arlo will update, develop or enhance your GRC capability in accordance with NIST guides, DoD policies and instructions and industry best practices.  The goal is to simplify, innovate and automate GRC activities. Arlo has created a framework using the NIST SP 800-37 rev. 2 Step-0 Prepare Step as a foundation to develop/update/prepare you for the proper implementation of RMF.


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