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Contract Updates

March 15. Arlo held an All Hands meeting to discuss our path forward given the gap between contracts. As discussed in the All Hands meeting, Arlo is offering MARCORSYSCOM contract employees 75% of their salary in the contingent offer letters beginning April 4. Benefit eligibility will begin on May 1. Interim offer letters will be sent on March 16.

The recording of the All Hands meeting is available here:  MARCORSYSCOM All Hands-20220315_153120-Meeting Recording.mp4

March 10: Arlo received an update from the Government informing us that the start date of our contract will be May 4th. We understand the hardships this transition will have on employees and our team is currently working through options to minimize the financial impact. While we are finalizing the details on the assistance we will be providing, please know we are working as quickly as we can to communicate them to you.

Our HR team is standing by and ready to help answer any questions. Their contact information is listed on the bottom of this web page.

Arlo owners, Lonye and Arlene, as well as Arlo leadership will be hosting an All Hands meeting tentatively set for Tuesday March 15 at 4:30 PM. Please stand by for a Microsoft Teams invite from me for this meeting. We will record the meeting in case you are unable to attend at this time and post it on this website.

We’re excited about your interest in joining the “A” Team! All our team members are an integral part of Arlo. Arlo is comprised of passionate and innovative thinkers who all possess a can-do attitude. Our clients have taken notice of our ability to provide the personal touches of a small business while delivering exceptional technology solutions. Arlo’s mission is straightforward: we deliver simple solutions for some of the nation’s toughest problems

Arlo prioritizes breaking down silos, integrating employees into our organization. An important part of our company culture is the emphasis we place on creating an enjoyable work environment. Below, you will discover content to help you learn more about Arlo and our recruitment and onboarding process.

We look forward to your potential role in our company’s continuing evolution and hope you will grow your career with us along the way!

Recruitment Process

Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in joining the “A” Team to support the Marine Corps System Command (MARCORSYSCOM) Financial Management project. The website contains a high-level background of our program and administrative information to get you started. Please contact the Arlo team if you have any questions. We are excited about your interest in joining the team!

The Financial Management support project ultimately supports the MARCORSYSCOM Director of Financial Management. As a partner on this project, Arlo will support the following objectives:

Financial Management. The financial management team provides support in key areas regarding financial management business analysis, systems fee, financial policy and certificates, dormant account quarterly review, investments and O&M divisions, portfolio management supporting establishment systems, and international management, among other important tasks.

Audit. The audit team supports high visibility tasks. Duties of this team include, but are not limited to, creating corrective action plans for notification of findings and deficiencies, bring command business process into auditable and sustainable position, and select key supporting documentation throughout many systems working with other commands of the Navy.

Logistics. The logistics team supports the proper accountability of equipment and ensures equipment is captured in the accountable property system of record. This team also ensures there is a trail of all events that tracks equipment from acquisition to marines.





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  5. Enter “MARCORSYSCOM” in the Areas of Interest box
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