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Lonye Ford Featured in Two DC Articles

Washington, DC (April 28, 2022) – Lonye Ford, CEO of Arlo Solutions, was featured in two articles in DC as part of the publication’s Cybersecurity Month in April.

The first article focused on cybersecurity in the DMV and why the field is becoming more important yet simultaneously experiencing a huge need for talent.

“From a workforce perspective, from a technology perspective, I think some beautiful things are going on,” said Lonye.

To see Lonye’s full remarks as well as insights from other cybersecurity leaders, visit the DC website.


The second article provided important tips from local experts on how to maintain good cyber hygiene and best protect yourself and your company from a cyber attack.

“Be careful in what you talk about in open forums, like when you’re sitting at a restaurant — where you’re sitting at a club, where you’re sitting, wherever you are where there’s a lot of different people, be careful what you talk about,” stated Lonye. 

To read more of Lonye’s tips along with helpful information from other local experts, visit the DC website.